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How to Utilize Supplemental Questions with Your CIS

Instructors sometimes find that an area of particular concern to them is not addressed on the form(s) they are using.  Therefore, instructors may consider one of the following options:

  • Select another college/school approved supplemental form

  • Utilize the "Optional questions provided by the instructor" section on paper CIS forms (not an option for eCIS)
  • Use the comments section to obtain student responses to open-ended questions

How to utilize the "Optional questions provided by instructor" section on PAPER CIS

To implement this option, simply provide up to twenty multiple-choice questions (with response options corresponding to choice A, B, C, D, or E) to the student administrator prior to administering the paper CIS. The questions must be presented to students (e.g. projecting via classroom response system or handed out in a hard copy) with instructions for bubbling in their corresponding answers on the paper CIS under the "Optional questions provided by the instructor" section.

Additional questions must be numbered 1-20 and may have up to five response choices, corresponding to A, B, C, D, or E. Be sure to keep a numbered copy of your optional questions because the printout of your CIS results contains only the frequency count of responses for each numbered question, but it does not present the content of the questions.

The following is a list of possible supplemental questions by topic. We suggest using Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, and Strongly Agree as response options for these questions.

Course organization

  • The overall organization of the course facilitated learning.
  • The instructor used class time well.

Use of technology

  • The use of technology in this class has helped my learning.
  • The information on the course website helped my learning.
  • The technology used in the class is easy to use.
  • The instructor makes good use of Canvas LMS.
  • The instructor makes good use of the technology available in the classroom.
  • The use of technology is necessary in this course.
  • The use of technology in the class promoted discussion among the students.

Course content

  • The instructor emphasized conceptual understanding.
  • The instructor explained how course topics were related to each other.
  • The instructor discussed recent developments in the field.
  • The instructor helped me integrate prior learning with new material.
  • The instructor related course material to other areas of knowledge.
  • The instructor raised challenging questions.
  • The instructor encouraged students to think for themselves.

Quality of presentations

  • Class lectures were presented in an organized fashion.
  • The lectures were easy to outline.
  • The instructor communicated his/her ideas clearly.
  • The instructor stated objectives for each class session.
  • The instructor was precise in answering questions.
  • The instructor summarized major points.
  • The instructor identified the important concepts in the course.
  • The instructor presented the material on an understandable level.
  • The instructor used relevant examples.
  • The instructor kept the materials relevant to the course.
  • The instructor's lecture style contributed to his/her teaching effectiveness.
  • The lecture pace was appropriate.
  • It was easy to take notes on the lectures.
  • The instructor’s speech characteristics distracted from understanding the course material.
  • The instructor showed a genuine interest in the course material.
  • The instructor seemed to enjoy teaching.

Classroom discussion

  • The instructor encouraged class discussion.
  • The instructor encouraged students to participate in discussions.
  • The instructor gave useful feedback on student contributions in discussion.
  • The instructor facilitated discussions well.
  • The instructor related ideas discussed to course content.
  • I felt comfortable participating in class discussions.

Interaction with students

  • The instructor seemed to have a genuine interest in students.
  • The instructor treated students fairly.
  • The instructor encouraged students to share their knowledge and experience.
  • The instructor seemed to know when students were confused.
  • The instructor made me feel comfortable asking questions in class.
  • The instructor was available to meet with students.
  • The instructor maintained a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning.
  • The instructor motivated me to do my best possible work in this course.


  • Exam questions corresponded to what had been taught.
  • Exams gave me the opportunity to show what I had learned.
  • The exams accurately measured my learning in this course.
  • Exams were graded fairly.


  • Assignments gave me the opportunity to show what I had learned.
  • The assignments were related to the course content.
  • The assignments helped prepare me for the exams.
  • The assignments were interesting.
  • Assignments were graded fairly
  • The instructor provided useful feedback on my written work/presentations.
  • I was motivated to work beyond the minimum requirements of the course.


  • The text was easy to read.
  • The text related to material presented in class.
  • The text helped me learn course content.
  • The text was interesting.