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How to Administer a Survey

  1. Retrieve the proper CIS packet(s) for your course. If your class is taught by more than one person (e.g., a professor and teaching assistant), make sure to obtain all relevant packets from the departmental contact who is responsible for distributing CIS packets.
  2. Follow all department guidelines regarding retrieving and returning packets (e.g., signing packets in/out) that may be in place.
  3. Verify labels.  The instructor’s name and course unique number should accurately reflect the class you intend to survey. Do NOT alter labels; labels reflect officially recognized course information and altering them renders the results unofficial.
  4. Communicate to the student who and what are being surveyed. If you are conducting multiple surveys, communicate which instructor is currently being surveyed.
  5. Print relevant information on the classrom board.  The following information should be provided:
    • Name of person to be evaluated (List on instructor at a time.)
    • Course Number
    • Unique Number
    • Semester and Year
  6. Distribute the surveys, pencils, and any additional questions the instructor may have provided. (If you are conducting more than one survey, administer and collect each survey separately to avoid confusion.)
  7. Read the instructions to the class. Each survey packet contains a Student Administrator insert with specific instructions that should be read aloud. Do not skip this step! Please emphasize paying close attention to the response scale for each question. CIS does not alter any student responses. Therefore, it is important that students pay careful attention to which response is being marked (e.g. “Strongly Agree” vs. “Strongly Disagree”).
  8. Collect the surveys and materials. When students have finished, collect the surveys and return them to the proper envelope. Again, when conducting multiple surveys, collect one survey prior to releasing a new survey. Cross-check that you have correctly placed the surveys with the corresponding envelope.
  9. Complete the back side of the Student Administrator insert. On the Student Administrator insert found in each packet, you are provided space to indicate the vital information for the class and any irregularities that occurred. This is to be filled in and returned with the surveys in the proper envelope.
  10. Return the survey packet(s) and materials to your respective department office on the same day as the survey administration. Packets can also be deposited in the CIS drop-box located next to the Scanning Office Window, in the Graduate School of Business (GSB) Building, 2.100 Corridor.