NLN Acceleration Challenge Exams

The National League For Nursing (NLN) Acceleration Challenge Examinations (ACE) assessment consists of fours tests. UT Austin offers the NLN ACE tests on-campus for current students and prospective students twice a year in July and November. You may take one, two, three, or four of the tests.

  • Care of the Adult Client (for credit in N 325, 325P, 455, 355P, 127P, 157P, and N224)
  • Care of the Client during Childbearing (for credit in N 265, 365P)
  • Care of the Child (N 266, 366P)
  • Care of the Client with Mental Disorder (N 356, 356P)

Other Credit Available on the Basis of Certification

AACN Certification for Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN)

AACN Certification for CCRN is the basis for credit by examination in the following UT Austin Nursing courses:

  • N 325
  • N 325P
  • N 455
  • N 355P
  • N 127P
  • N 157P

Other Certifications that May Make You Eligible for Credit by Examination

At the discretion of the RN-BSN/MSN Program Director, certain professional nursing certifications may make you eligible for credit by examination in the same way as would successful performance on one or more portions of the National League for Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exam Mobility Profile II. In order to determine the credit for which you may be eligible, the School of Nursing will require an official letter from the credentialing agency verifying your certification.

Registration Fee: 

The NLN ACE exams cost either $35 and $65 depending on the test being taken, in addition to a $25 registration fee.

To register, you will need to register on the Test Schedule and Registration page and pay the $25 registration fee, as well as create an account with NLN. You must create your NLN account before you may take the test. Click here for instructions on creating your account and setting up your exam. Please follow these steps carefully to ensure you don't encounter any problems or delays on test day.

Study Aids: 

Please contact Nursing Student Services at for more information.

Test Retakes:

Each test may be repeated one time at your expense. If you do not earn credit after two attempts, you must meet with the RN-BSN Program Director. The possibility exists that you may have to enroll in the cluster of courses covered by the exam.

UT Austin CoursesScore Range
Various; see NLN ACE Exam entry for course listings.70 and above