Scanning Services FAQ

Where are the scanning services located?

On the fifth floor of the George I. Sanchez Building (SZB), 1912 Speedway. Area accessibility.

When are you open?

Please note Fall 2020 service update:  Due to current COVID-19 conditions, the Scanning Office is available for appointments ONLY.  Please contact the Scanning Office at to request an appointment! 

The Scanning Office is open from 9 a.m. to Noon and 1 p.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. During the Final Exam period for the Spring and Fall semesters, we will be open Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. During the Summer sessions, we do not have any Saturday hours for Final Exams.

Where can I park?

The nearest parking is in the Brazos Garage on Martin Luther King Blvd. Parking is free for the first 30 minutes and 31-60 minutes costs $3. Please be aware that Parking and Transportation is very diligent about ticketing if you park in a surface lot or overstay a meter.

Do I need to make an appointment to have my answer sheets scanned?

Due to current covid-19 conditions, Yes, you will need an appointment for answer sheet scanning services. 

What's your turnaround time?

Normally ten minutes or less. However, during midterms and finals, it may take up to several hours. You may drop-off your answer sheets for later pick-up as scheduled.  

Is there a charge for scanning?

Basic scanning services are provided free of charge to any instructor at the University of Texas at Austin who elects to administer an exam or homework for an official class using the standard orange or green answer sheets. We do not support custom form scanning. However scanning for research projects, surveys, etc. for UT faculty, staff, and students, that use the standard orange or green answer sheets, is also free of charge. We do not offer any custom reports or data analysis beyond what is offered normally for the type of scanning performed.

Where do I obtain answer sheets?

Your departmental office provides standard answer sheets for classroom use at no cost to you. There are two standard answer sheets available. The orange answer sheet has 200 items with five possible answers per item, and the green answer sheet has 120 items with ten possible answers per item.

Your departmental office should purchase answer sheets from UT Copy Services in room G-14 of the School of Social Work (SSW)  building, 512-471-1615.

For research and other non-class-related work, you would need to obtain answer sheets from UT Copy Services) in room G-14 of the School of Social Work (SSW) building, 512-471-1615. We do not supply or sell answer sheets.

Do I need to organize the answer sheets before bringing them to you?

YES! Make sure all answer sheets are oriented the same direction, smoothed, unfolded, and straightened. If you have separate versions of the test (A, B, C, etc.), place all A's in one stack, all B's in another, etc. Place the answer key sheet(s) on top of the corresponding group of answer sheets.

How do I provide you with the correct answers or key?

Mark the correct answers on an answer sheet identical to those the students used and write "Key" at the top. Do NOT bubble in the word "Key." Place the answer key sheet on the top of the group of student answer sheets.

What if I want to accept multiple correct answers (e.g., A or B) for a question?

Have one of the acceptable answers marked on the main answer key sheet and the other marked on a second answer sheet by itself. If you want to accept more than two answers as correct, each alternate answer must be on a separate sheet. Write "Key" at the top of all the alternate answer sheets so we'll know they are part of the answer key.

What if a student marks multiple responses to a question?

Our program cannot read items with more than one answer marked per item, and will not count items as correct if more than one answer is marked per item. As a result, we cannot grade questions requiring multiple answers. In addition, any student with multiple marks for an item will not be included in the item analysis for that item.

What if I want to give everyone credit for a question?

Leave that question blank on the answer key sheet, and tell us when you drop your answer sheets off for scanning.

Can you print scores or mark incorrect answers on the answer sheets?

No. Our machine is designed for high-speed, high-volume scanning, and cannot print anything on the answer sheets.

What kind of output or report will I get?

We do not provide printouts. Our system makes all the files available online as either an Adobe PDF file or a CSV file. Professors will have access automatically; if TAs need access to the files, the professor will need to make them "Designees" through the CLIPS (Class Information Pages) system. Just "being a TA" or being designated in Canvas will NOT give you access to the files!

For exams, you will receive a roster showing each student's name, EID, raw score, and percentage score. Rosters can be organized one of three ways: alphabetically by last name, alphanumerically by EID, or numerically by special code.

You will also receive an item analysis. This statistical data allows you to improve the quality and accuracy of your multiple-choice tests.

Following the Item Analysis are several files presenting the raw data. Scan Data (raw data) is the data exactly as it was scanned, with each student on a separate line. Comma Separated Value (raw data) is the same data in CSV format, suitable for import into Excel or many statistics programs. Scan Data (modified) shows each student's data including their score, and with correct answers replace by a ".". This file allows a visual inspection to determine questions that many students may have missed.

The CSV for Canvas Import allows you to import student scores into Canvas. Download this file to your computer, then follow the Instructions For Canvas Import link immediately below the files.

For work with no "correct" answers (surveys, etc.), we can give you a frequency distribution, showing how many chose each response to each item. For more detailed statistical analysis, download the Comma Separated Value file, and use your favorite stats program.

How can I distribute my results electronically to students?

Download the CSV for Canvas Import, then follow the Instructions for Canvas Import.