CLEP Exam in Calculus

If you already have a passing or failing grade for the course for which you are trying to earn credit, you may NOT take this exam.

You can find a test description for this and other CLEP exams at the College Board CLEP website. The maximum working time for this computer-based test is 90 minutes. This is one of the eight CLEP tests accepted at The University of Texas at Austin.

Where and When to Take the Test

On campus: This CLEP exam is offered monthly on the UT Austin campus. Please review the ID Requirements, as students arriving without proper ID may not test. Visit the Test Registration System to view and register for upcoming test dates.

Off campus: This exam also may be taken at an off-campus testing center.


You do not need to bring a calculator for this exam, because an online graphing calculator is built-in to the testing software. For information on how to familiarize yourself with this calculator, please visit the College Board's Calculus CLEP Exam website.

Registration Fee: 

On campus administrations: When you confirm your registration for a test you will be immediately billed a non-refundable test registration fee of $25. In addition, there is a test fee of $93. The $93 CLEP test fee MUST be paid on the CollegeBoard website, Upon registration and payment, you will receive a confirmation from College Board that includes a Ticket ID number that is required in order to start your test on test day.

Test Results Retakes: 

Official score reports are sent to UT Austin from the College Board; students taking the test on- or off-campus must choose to have their scores sent to UT Austin. Unofficial test results are available on your computer screen when you are done testing.

The CLEP may not be repeated within three months.

UT Austin Courses Score Range Notes
M 408C 60-80
M 408K 50-59