Testing & Evaluation Services is offering selected services by appointment only.

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Please note service update: Due to current COVID-19 conditions, UT Public Testing Center exam administration is by appointment ONLY! Please contact the UT Public Testing Center at testingcenter@austin.utexas.edu to request an appointment.

​The UT Public Testing Center offers the following exams:

Kryterion Exams

Kryterion is a secured exam delivery company that offers high-stakes test delivery. The UT Public Testing Center serves as a HOST Location (High-stakes Online Secured Testing) for Kryterion. We are unable to register clients on-site and walk-ins are not allowed for Kryterion exams. All requests must be handled by Kryterion. To schedule an appointment, please visit the Kryterion website.

State Exams

The UT Public Testing Center partners with Texas governmental organizations to provide licensing and credentialing exams. Clients should contact their respective licensing or credentialing organization for specific exam information. 

UTHS Finals and CBE

The UT Public Testing Center partners with UT High School (UTHS) to provide exam proctoring services to their students. UTHS prepares and delivers their exams to the testing center for proctoring. Please see the UTHS website for more informaton about credit by exam and final exams. See UT Public Testing Center Policies and Procedures for ID requirements, exam fees and additional pertinent information.

University Extension Midterms and Finals

University Extension (UEX) online self-paced courses and some semester courses require proctored exams. The UT Public Testing center is an approved location to administer UEX exams. If you are currently in a course with UEX and would like to request your exam please login here. If you have questions about qualifications or exam related questions please contact UEX testing assistance at uextesting@austin.utexas.edu or visit UEX Exam FAQs.    

Exams from Other Schools and Programs

The UT Public Testing Center is available for proctoring exams from other schools and programs. In most cases, the school/program sending the exam will need the following contact information:

Testing Center Coordinator
The University of Texas at Austin Testing Center
P.O. Box 7246
Austin, TX 78713-7246
Fax: 512-475-7933

If your exam is to be shipped by overnight service or express courier, please have it shipped to:

Testing Center Coordinator
The University of Texas at Austin Testing Center
1912 Speedway, SZB 547
Austin, TX 78713

Note that for exams from other schools and programs, we will not notify you when your exam arrives. Please call the UT Public Testing Center to make sure your exam has arrived before coming to test.