UT Austin Exam in American Sign Language (ASL 601D)

The test for credit in American Sign Language (ASL) 601D first-year American Sign Language, uses the computer-based test format with true/false or multiple-choice objective questions.

The test consists of two parts: (1) an assessment of factual knowledge of ASL and of Deaf culture and (2) a comprehension test. Factual topics include the basic linguistics of American Sign Language and the Deaf culture, and the comprehension section tests your receptive skills in American Sign Language, that is, your ability to understand ASL signs and sentences. For each test item, you will view a person presenting an ASL sign or a simple sign sentence.

Where and When to Take the Test

The UT Austin Test for Credit in American Sign Language 601D is offered only on the UT Austin campus, at the beginning of each semester (late May, late August, and January). Visit the Test Registration System to view and register for upcoming test dates.

Students for Whom the Test is Recommended or Appropriate

Students who have prior knowledge of American Sign Language (regardless of how it was acquired) and who do not have college credit in American Sign Language 601D should take the UT Austin Test for Credit in American Sign Language 601D before they can enroll in their first UT Austin American Sign Language course.

Students transferring college credit in American Sign Language are not required, but are strongly encouraged, to take this placement test and to use the results to help them choose their first course in American Sign Language at UT Austin. Transfer students may also use the placement test to earn additional credit in American Sign Language or to earn credit for a lower-division course for which they were exempted without credit at another institution. In no way will American Sign Language credit already earned be jeopardized by the results of this test.

Students who do not intend to enroll in an American Sign Language course, but who wish to earn credit by examination, may also take the placement test.

Registration Fee: 

The total of the fees for the test is $90. When you register for a test, you will immediately be billed for the non-refundable test registration fee of $25. After you take the test, you will be billed for the test fee of $65. Payments are due within 14 days of the billing date. All fees are subject to change.

Study Aids: 

To prepare for the UT Austin Test for Credit in ASL 601D use the textbook Signing Naturally Level 1 by Cheri Smith, Ella Mae Lentz, and Ken Mikos. Study all the topics in Units 1-12 and the cumulative review that includes grammar, culture, and language notes.

Test Results and Retakes: 

Results are available within 24 hours after the test date, in time to register for classes.

You may take the UT Austin Test for Credit in ASL 601D only once.

UT Austin CoursesScore Range
ASL 601D57 and higher