UT Austin Test in Korean with Listening and Writing

Results of the UT Austin Test in Korean with Listening and Writing are used to place students in UT Austin Korean courses appropriate for their particular levels of proficiency. Test results also serve as a basis for awarding credit in one to four Korean courses–KOR 606, 607, 312K, and 312L.

Students for Whom the Placement Test is Recommended or Appropriate

Students who have prior knowledge of Korean (regardless of how it was acquired) and who do not have college credit in Korean should take the UT Austin Test in Korean with Listening and Writing before they can enroll in their first UT Austin Korean course.

Students transferring college credit in Korean are not required, but are strongly encouraged, to take this placement test and to use the results to help them choose their first course in Korean at UT Austin. Transfer students may also use the placement test to earn additional credit in Korean or to earn credit for lower-division courses from which they were exempted without credit at another institution. In no way will Korean credit already earned be jeopardized by the results of this test. Students who do not intend to enroll in a Korean course but who wish to attempt to earn credit by examination may also take the placement test.

The written test in Korean prepared by the UT Austin faculty consists of writing a short essay on 1 of 3 topics of your choosing, short answers based on listening reading, and writing prompts.

The time allowed for test is 100 minutes.

Where and When to Take the Test

The UT Austin Test in Korean with Listening and Writing is offered on campus for eligible UT Austin students only during scheduled testing periods before fall semester, mid-semester fall, before spring semester, and mid semester spring. Please review the ID Requirements, as students arriving without proper ID may not test. Visit the Test Registration System to view and register for upcoming test dates.

Registration Fee: 

The total of the fees for this test is $85. When you register for a test, you will immediately be billed for the non-refundable test registration fee of $25. After you take the test, you will be billed for the test fee of $60. Payments are due within 14 days of the billing date. All fees are subject to change.

Study Aids:

Students are encouraged to study the content of the textbook series currently used at UT Austin:

Integrated Korean, Beginning 1-2 & Intermediate 1-2, Cho et al., University of Hawai‘i Press, Second Edition, 2010.

Test Results and Retakes: 

Results are available within a few days, in time to register for classes.

You may take the UT Austin Test in Korean with Listening and Writing on the UT Austin campus only once.


UT Austin CoursesScore RangeNotes
KOR 606, 607, 312K, and 312LNo cut scores are publicized for this test.