Important Dates and Deadlines

Upcoming Important Dates

Current and Former Students: The final day to petition for (claim) credit by exam for a course to be written to Spring 2024 is Sunday, May 12th, 2024 at 11:59PM. All courses petitioned from 12:00AM on Monday, May 13th, 2024 forward will be written to Summer 2024. 

All Students: Test dates for March 2024 will be posted and opened on the Test Schedules and Registration page on February 23, 2024. If you are a graduating senior for Spring or Summer 2024 and are unable to register for an upcoming exam due to capacity, please contact as soon as possible for assistance.

Test Registration Deadlines

  • The monthly test schedule for upcoming CLEP and UT credit by exams is posted to the Test Schedules and Registration page on the 23rd of each month (or the next business day). For example, test dates for July are posted on June 23rd.
  • If a test on the registration page does not show a date or registration link, that means either the test is not being offered during the current test period, or the date has already passed. Some tests are offered more frequently than others. To see a general schedule of when different tests are offered throughout the year, consult the Yearly Test Schedule page.
  • Registration for a given test closes 24 hours before the scheduled test time or when the test session is full. If you are attempting to register for a test less than 24 hours prior, or the session is full, please contact us by email (fastest option) to see what options may be available.

General Transcript Update Schedule

  • You may petition for (claim) credit by exam at any time while at UT (and in some instances, after leaving the University).
  • Courses petitioned by current and former students are posted to transcripts on a weekly basis, usually on Mondays (or in the event of a holiday or other University closure, the next business day). Courses petitioned by incoming students will be posted once the student begins classes. For exceptions to this, please see the note about transcript update delays below.
  • Any petitioned course waiting to be transcripted will appear on the petitioning page with the message "pending approval." After the course has been posted to a student's transcript, the "pending approval" portion of the message will disappear, and the course(s) petitioned will appear on any future degree audits or transcripts.