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Conducting Surveys

Conducting a Paper Course Instructor Survey

  • Ask your authorized departmental CIS Contact to request your Course Instructor Survey using the restricted CIS Administrative site. Deadlines apply, so be sure to communicate your preferences to your dept. CIS Contact early in the semester. (Please inquire within your department to learn who is currently designated as your CIS Contact.)
  • Each department is responsible for managing its paper CIS administrations whether on or off campus (e.g. study abroad); therefore, each department has its own internal communication plan and processes regarding CIS. Your department CIS Contact will let you know when the surveys are available for student administrators to retrieve from within the department for administration.
  • Schedule a date during the Official CIS Administration Period to administer the paper CIS and allow 20-30 minutes of class time. The department may permit an alternate paper CIS administration date to accommodate special circumstances (e.g. an accelerated, team-taught, or maymester course), but otherwise university policy requires that CIS be administered during the last two weeks of class (per the university's official academic calendar) in the fall and spring semesters and the last week of each summer session.
  • As pen cannot be read by the optical scanners used for data collection, the department should provide pencils to students during paper CIS administrations.
  • Instructors (including TAs) may not be present during CIS administrations.
  • Inform students prior to the survey day when the CIS will be conducted and encourage participation by explaining how you use such results.
  • It is university policy that Course Instructor Surveys remain anonymous. To ensure anonymity:
  1. Typically a student from the class is selected (or volunteers) to administer the CIS; however, a department staff person or student worker may also conduct the administration if deemed appropriate by the department. Neither the instructor nor the TA may be present during a CIS administration, and all instructors are prohibited from handling or accessing completed CIS and associated results until the semester's CIS Provisional Results Period.
  2. Instruct the paper CIS administrator to follow the instructions provided on the insert contained within the CIS packet as well as any instructions provided by the department CIS Contact. Surveys may only be administered for the instructor/course specified on the CIS label. Alterations to the official CIS label are against university policy.
  3. The person who administers the paper CIS should be instructed by the department CIS Contact regarding where to return the completed paper CIS on the same day as administration. If no special instructions are provided by the department CIS Contact regarding returning the packet within the academic department, the CIS packet may be returned directly (in person) to the Scanning Office or CIS Drop Box (both located in the GSB 2.100 corridor). The CIS Office does not accept paper CIS returns via any form of mail delivery services, including UT Campus Mail.
  4. Instructors are prohibited from handling/accessing/reviewing completed CIS until the associated provisional CIS Results Period. As the academic departments are responsible for managing paper CIS administrations, special arrangements should be planned well in advance to accommodate special circumstances such as study abroad courses.

Conducting Multiple Course Instructor Surveys

It is possible to conduct multiple surveys for the same course if the course is team taught or if you also wish to have your TA evaluated.

  • The department CIS Contact must request a separate Course Instructor Survey for each individual instructor who will be surveyed. This applies to all circumstances, including team-taught courses.
  • Schedule a date during the Official CIS Administration Period to administer each CIS and allow 20-30 minutes of class time for each survey. We recommend conducting each survey on a different date to avoid confusion and mixing up survey forms.
  • If you decide to conduct multiple surveys on the same day, we recommend you ask the student administrator to:
  1. Administer only one survey at a time.
  2. Collect the first survey before distributing the second survey.
  3. Be sure completed surveys are returned to the proper envelope.
  4. Clearly state which survey is evaluating which instructor.

Conducting an Early Paper Course Instructor Survey

Conducting an Early Paper CIS administration is permitted to accommodate the following: a planned mid-semester change in instructor; if the class has a lecture for the first half of the semester and a field experience in the second; or when the class is an accelerated class (briefer than the typical semester length in which it is taught). Any paper CIS scheduled before the Official CIS Administration Period is considered "early" and instructors must inform their department CIS Contact of their early survey requests well in advance of the early administration date. The CIS Office requires at least three business days to fulfill a department request for an Early Paper CIS. The department CIS Contacts manage all CIS requests (including "early") on behalf of instructors.

How to Conduct an Electronic Course Instructor Survey (eCIS)

  • eCIS are available for administration ONLY during the Official CIS Administration Period.
  • Ask your departmental CIS Contact to request your electronic Course Instructor Survey.
  • Inform students prior to the survey period when the eCIS will be conducted and explain to them how you use the results. You may use class time to allow students to complete the mobile-adaptive eCIS just as you would allow time for a paper CIS administration.
  • You will receive an email the day the eCIS system opens informing you that your course will be surveyed electronically and providing a link to the survey. This link will not show you how many or which students have responded, it is provided so that you can send it on to your students as an additional reminder to complete the survey.
  • Your students will automatically receive an email notification the first day the survey period is open with a link to the eCIS homepage.
  • A reminder email will automatically go out to students two days prior to the close of the survey period. During the survey period you are also encouraged to remind students to complete the eCIS.
  • Survey results are available two days after official grade submission deadline. They can be accessed via MyCIS.