CIS Glossary

The following glossary of terms will provide you with definitions of terms used in CIS.

12th Class Day Enrollment – The number of students that are enrolled for a given class at the end of the 12th class day of the semester. 12th Class Day Enrollment values are sent to the CIS system from the Office of Institutional Research, Reporting and Information Systems (IRRIS).

CIS/eCIS – Course Instructor Survey.  The electronic administration of CIS is sometimes referred to as "eCIS" or "electronic Course Instructor Survey".

Convenience Copies – Any copies of old paper survey forms kept by faculty or departments.

Early Survey – A survey that is administered to a class of students at a time that is earlier than the Official CIS Administration Period. Results for Early Surveys are not released prior to those administered during the official CIS Administrative Period. 

FaSET – The "Faculty and Student Electronic Tracking System."  The system used by Course Schedulers from which CIS data is populated.

FERPA – The "Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act," which governs many of the data collection and sharing policies of the CIS Office.

Grades Submission Period – The period of time within which instructors of record may submit grades to the Office of the Registrar.

Individual Instruction – A designation for a course, usually used for courses in which an instructor provides one-on-one instruction, or courses with only one student enrolled in total.

Instructor of Record –  The instructor that the Office of the Registrar has authorized to submit grades for a class.

IRRIS – Office of Institutional Research, Reporting and Information Systems

Official UT Academic Department – An academic department as determined for the CIS system by the Office of Institutional Research, Reporting and Information Systems (IRRIS).

Parent/Child (Unique Number) Relationship – A system for grouping unique numbers together to indicate course relationships (ex:  If Jane Doe is the professor for ABC 101, and John Smith is her TA, Jane Doe's record may be designated as the "Parent" Unique Number, and John Smith's record may be designated as the "Child Record".  This tells the system that all students evaluating Jane Doe as an instructor should also be asked to evaluate John Smith as well.)

Provisional Results – A set of results distributed before the results are officially certified to allow the instructors access to student feedback before the start of the next semester to improve their teaching.

SIS – Student Information Systems, Office of the Registrar

TORA – Texas Open Records Act, also known as Texas Public Information Act

For further questions, please email us at CIS or call the CIS office at (512) 232-2637.