Improving Your Teaching


The University of Texas maintains several resources designed to assist you with interpreting, understanding, and making the best use of your course evaluation results.  The following list serves as a small sample of the resources that we’ve identified; however, if you know of any other resources that you have found valuable, please do not hesitate to contact us at the CES Office, so that we may add them to this list.

Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning is the primary source for all instructors to improve their teaching at the University of Texas.  Resources range from basic instructional strategies, for instructors wanting to make fundamental changes to their teaching, to guidance on technology and the utilization of special programs, for instructors looking to fine-tune their approach.

School-specific Resources

Many resources exist to support specific types of courses and disciplines, are not published on the Center for Teaching and Learning’s website, and are not widely available to all faculty at UT Austin.  However, these resources can be, nonetheless, invaluable resources for instructors teaching unique courses with unusual pedagogy.

Provost’s Teaching Fellows

The Provost’s Teaching Fellows serve as mentors to faculty within their respective disciplines and are widely considered some of the best and most experienced instructors at the University.  This premier resource has been highly recommended by many faculty members who have continued to struggle despite taking advantage of many of the other resources available.

Increasing Response Rates

If you're interested in increasing your survey response rates, view our page on the topic here.