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Did you know that the CES Office evaluates more than 25,000 courses, creates more than 50,000 unique surveys, and collects over 250,0000 responses each year?  It’s true, but we don’t do it alone.  Our end-of-semester course evaluations can only be successful through careful cooperation and teamwork between the CES Office and our department Course Schedulers, FaSET Contacts, Course Evaluation Liaisons (CELs), and Senior Administrators.

We’ve developed the following resources specifically for these groups, so if you are not one of the parties mentioned above, the content on the following pages may not provide you with the information you need.  If the information you’re looking for isn’t here or on the faculty or student pages, feel free to contact the CES Office directly with your question.

New Liaison Center

The New Liaison Center was created to help you find essential resources and guides we created in close partnership with our most experienced Course Evaluation Liaisons (CELs) and department partners.  Learn how to register for New Liaison Training, to request DIG access, or to find additional information on the most important responsibilities of a Course Evaluation Liaison.

Important Resources

Consider reviewing one of the following resources to learn more about the Core Questionnaire, upcoming deadlines, or accessing confidential results:

►  Survey Options

►  Important Dates and Deadlines

►  Viewing Results and Reports

Generating Evaluations (Basic Processes)

Following the Twelfth Class Day, as indicated on the official Academic Calendar (referred to as the "Fourth Class Day" during summer sessions or "Census Day" by some departments), course data is extracted from Classroom Manager, FaSET, and Canvas and imported into the Course Evaluation System (CES). All courses meeting the criteria outlined in Section 8 of the Course Evaluation Policy are automatically included in the DIG application as a "course evaluation record," listing any instructors or TAs associated with each course.  Once a record is published, a course evaluation is generated and will be released to students on the date indicated within DIG.

  • Policy Exception Requests (PERs)
    If you need to request that a course not be surveyed, make changes to the official instructor-of-record for a course, or request an evaluation for a course that is not typically evaluated (Individual Instruction courses, courses with fewer than five students enrolled, etc.), CELs must complete and submit a Policy Exception Request form before the deadline listed on the Course Evaluation Schedule.

Requirements for Dell Medical, UEX, Concurrent/Dual Enrollment, Etc.

Any unit that offers courses for credit at UT Austin, but does not use the Office of Academic Technology's Course Evaluation System (including Dell Medical School, University Extension and any unit offering organized dual-credit or concurrent enrollment courses) is still required to maintain an official system of administering end-of-course student evaluations of faculty.  Furthermore, these units are also expected to make the results of those evaluations publicly available on their websites and submit documentation of their course evaluation processes to the Office of Academic Technology by submitting an External Evaluation System Disclosure Form before September 1st of each Academic Year.

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