Survey Options

Sample Questionnaires

The questionnaires available to course instructors, teaching assistants, and lab instructors vary by college and department, but will usually consist of a "base form" (either the B100 "Basic" form, the E100 "Expanded Form", or the S050 "Teaching Assistant Form") with an approved departmental supplement.  You can see a sample of each base forms below without any additional supplements.

Both of the B100 and E100 forms contain the "Core 12 Questions" required to meet the university's requirements for course evaluation, and can be used to evaluate faculty.  The Teaching Assistant form, however, does not contain the Core 12 Questions, is not suitable for evaluating the primary instructor or lecturer for a course, and can only be used to evaluate Teaching Assistants.  Department contacts may choose, on behalf of their faculty and teaching assistants, one of these base forms, or (depending on their department) one of these forms with a department-approved supplement.  Samples for each of these forms, with their available supplemental questions included, are listed below.

Supplements Available for the Basic (B100) Form

Supplements Available for the Expanded (E100) Form

Supplements Available for the Teaching Assistant (S050) Form

Please Note:  While these supplements can provide highly specific, in-depth, and valuable insight to your instructors, they can also add considerably to the amount of time needed to complete them.  We highly encourage instructors utilizing these supplements to consider setting time aside in class for students to complete them if possible.


Because certain schools, programs, or departments, have different requirements for course evaluation, it's important to determine the "home department" for any cross-listed courses you manage before a form is requested.  For example, the Dell Medical School uses an entirely different evaluation system, totally independent from CIS, and UT Law School utilizes a special form type created solely for their courses (see below).

In these cases, the home department will determine which form will be used, and any exceptions must be coordinated between the department contacts.  If you have any questions or concerns about a cross-lsited course being properly evaluated, please contact the CIS Office.

Other Considerations

The Comments section of the survey sheet may be used to have students respond to essay questions. Instructors may wish to present students with some questions to consider when filling out the Comment section. Students could also be asked to comment on a particular aspect of the course such as the text, an assignment, or a course topic.

In 2006, we published a study investigating how often students write comments, the topics of those comments, how students who wrote comments differed from those who did not, and how the tone of written comments related to overall instructor and course ratings (A Study of Students Written Course Evaluation Comments at a Public University 2006.pdf).

In 2008, we published a comprehensive report of three studies addressing whether an eCIS system provides information and security comparable to the paper-based CIS system (eCIS Institution Report August 2008.pdf). In 2010, a follow up study was conducted to further explore the effects of paper and electronic use at UT Austin for the past 5 years (Evaluation of Electronic versus Paper CIS Use at UTAustin October 2010.pdf).