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Survey Options

In 2008, we published a comprehensive report of three studies addressing whether an eCIS system provides information and security comparable to the paper-based CIS system (eCIS Institution Report August 2008.pdf). In 2010, a follow up study was conducted to further explore the effects of paper and electronic use at UT Austin for the past 5 years (Evaluation of Electronic versus Paper CIS Use at UTAustin October 2010.pdf). We recommend that you and administrators consider these findings when you make your choice of paper or electronic CIS.

Sample Questionnaires

The questionnaires available to course instructors, teaching assistants, and lab instructors vary by college and department. Contact your CIS department contact for your department’s policy and to request a specific questionnaire.

Comments Section

The Comments section of the survey sheet may be used to have students respond to essay questions. Instructors may wish to present students with some questions to consider when filling out the Comment section. Students could also be asked to comment on a particular aspect of the course such as the text, an assignment, or a course topic.

In 2006, we published a study investigating how often students write comments, the topics of those comments, how students who wrote comments differed from those who did not, and how the tone of written comments related to overall instructor and course ratings (A Study of Students Written Course Evaluation Comments at a Public University 2006.pdf).

Optional Questions Provided by the Instructor

Multiple choice questions of the instructor's choosing may be added to the end of the paper survey. View sample questions and guidelines for generating your own questions.