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CIS Dates and Deadlines

Fall 2019 semester

The Official CIS Request Period is Oct. 21-Nov. 1, 2019

  • Each department must designate at least one staff person (“CIS Contact”) to be responsible for managing CIS on behalf of the department and in accordance with associated policies, deadlines, etc. Departments should notify the CIS Office via email regarding updates to department CIS Contact designations. To obtain authorization for the CIS Administrative system, a restricted site utilized to officially request CIS for each department, a CIS Contact must complete the Course Instructor Survey Departmental Contact Training class. Registration for this class occurs via UTLearn.
  • Authorized department CIS Contacts are responsible for collecting all necessary information from instructors in a timely fashion in order to successfully manage paper and electronic CIS requests/records by the close of the Official CIS Request Period. This includes (but is not limited to) collecting information regarding: Survey form (e.g., B100) and delivery format (paper or electronic) preferences; which courses must administer CIS prior to the official CIS Administrative Period (aka "Early Paper CIS") to accommodate special circumstances; study abroad/Maymester courses (must utilize paper CIS to accommodate irregular timing of CIS administration); cross-listed courses; team-taught courses; and TA assignments. Please be aware that eCIS cannot be administered outside the Official CIS Administration Period, nor does the CIS Office or evaluation system provide students with “receipts” or “proof” of completing CIS.
  • Faculty/TAs/AIs should inquire within the academic department to learn who is currently designated as their CIS Contact and become familiar with department procedures, deadlines, and communication practices regarding CIS. As the Official CIS Request Period deadline is enforced, communication between instructors and CIS Contacts should be established early in the semester to avoid problems.
  • During the Official CIS Request Period, instructors may utilize MyCIS  to review current CIS requests made on their behalf by the associated department CIS Contact(s). Instructors should direct all communication regarding CIS preferences and adjustments to the associated department CIS Contact prior to the close of the Official CIS Request Period.
  • Department CIS Contacts will be notified via email regarding retrieval of their department's paper CIS from the Scanning Services Office (SZB 563) for the CIS Administration Period. Per university CIS policy (#18), colleges/schools/departments are responsible for management of official CIS paper surveys at three points: a) the survey administration phase, b) the internal distribution of results, and c) the document retention phase.
  • University policies pertaining to CIS are found here. Further, department CIS Contacts receive pertinent information via email from the CIS Program Coordinator regarding CIS processes between the departments and CIS Office, challenges and best practices, policies, etc. As departments [via their designated authorized CIS Contact(s)] are responsible for managing their own CIS requests/records, paper CIS administrations, internal distribution of results, and associated document retention, it is crucial that department CIS Contacts be familiar with university CIS polices, deadlines, and associated requirements in order to successfully manage CIS on behalf of the academic departments.

The Official CIS Administration Period is Nov. 25-Dec. 9, 2019

Policies pertaining to CIS administrations are found under the “Administering Surveys” section of the university’s CIS policies.

  • Departments are responsible for all logistics pertaining to their paper CIS administrations and encouraged to provide pencils to students during such time. Each individual paper CIS form includes instructions for properly completing the form, and each paper CIS packet contains an instruction sheet for successfully administering the surveys.
  • MAYMESTER/STUDY ABROAD: Departments CIS Contacts must ensure that paper CIS are requested for Maymester (or irregularly timed) courses as electronic CIS (eCIS) can only be administered during the official CIS Administration Period. Further, CIS Contacts are responsible for all logistics associated with off-campus (Maymester/Study Abroad, etc.) paper CIS retrievals/delivery, administration, and delivery back to the department from the off-campus location.

The paper CIS RETURN DEADLINE is Dec. 16, 2019.

Paper CIS packets must be returned in person to the Scanning Services Office or CIS Drop box, both located in the George I. Sanchez Building (SZB), 1912 Speedway, Room 563. Please note that the Scanning Services Office and CIS Office do not accept returned paper CIS via any form of mail delivery service (including UT Campus Mail). Department CIS Contacts are responsible for ensuring all paper CIS for the current semester are returned to Scanning Services or the CIS drop box by the associated deadline.

  • Paper CIS that are administered to Maymester courses may adhere to the summer paper CIS Return deadline even though they are systematically associated with the spring semester Official CIS Request Period and department retrieval processes.
  • Any paper CIS returned for processing past the official deadline will receive a Frequency Count only. Frequency Counts are an alternative to official CIS processing and are not included in the university's official data record or retained by the CIS Office and associated system (e.g., CIS Administrative Site, MyCIS, CIS Results Site, Promotion & Tenure Reports, & Dean-Chair Reports). Frequency Counts are a printed (hard copy) summary of results returned with the original surveys to give the instructor and department access to student feedback, and these may be utilized by the department as appropriate. Policies pertaining to Frequency Counts are found under the “Results and Reporting” section of the university’s CIS polices.

Provisional Results for eCIS post to MyCIS on *Dec. 23, 2019

*exception: provisional eCIS results for the School of Law post: Jan. 27, 2020

Provisional Results for paper CIS post to MyCIS on *Jan. 24, 2020

*exception: provisional paper CIS results for the School of Law post: Jan. 27, 2020

  • Department CIS Contacts will be notified via email regarding retrieval of their department's paper CIS from Scanning Services (SZB 563) for the Provisional Results Period (which includes the paper CIS Rescan Period) and official university retention.
  • Instructors will receive an automated email notification with instructions regarding accessing their Provisional CIS results by logging into their MyCIS page.
  • MyCIS is a restricted site on which instructors may view their own results only and authorized staff may access for business and educational purposes conducted on behalf of the university.
  • While the typed student comments associated with eCIS are available via MyCIS, the handwritten student comments associated with paper CIS are accessible only via the forms themselves and must be managed according to FERPA guidelines. Instructors (former or current) seeking access to their paper CIS should contact the associated academic department directly for assistance.
  • Academic departments are responsible for official retention of paper CIS according to university policies for records management.
  • The department may designate instructors as custodians of their paper CIS during the Retention Period (10 years), but please note that paper CIS are property of the university.

The RESCAN PERIOD (to correct a CIS Office processing error) is Jan. 24-31, 2020

  • Instructors may login to their MyCIS page to view Provisional CIS results and further compare the posted results with the actual contents of an associated paper CIS packet. If a discrepancy is discovered such that the posted results do not match the number of qualifying forms/data (e.g., correct form type, appropriately completed in pencil) contained within the packet, or another instructor's forms were processed for the record, the instructor should coordinate with her/his department CIS Contact to submit a Rescan request to the CIS Office to correct the original processing error.
  • A perceived discrepancy in a student's response pattern on a form ("The student apparently didn't read the response scale and made a mistake") is not a CIS Office processing error and does not qualify for a Rescan. The CIS Office does not interpret what a student intended versus what was actually marked as a response, and student responses are neither altered nor deleted [university CIS policy #28].
  • Forms completed in pen or insufficiently marked with a pencil, as well as photocopied or outdated CIS forms, cannot be read by our optical scanners and are consequently excluded from CIS data collection/reporting. Further, only one form type (e.g., B100) can be scanned for data collection per record. The aforementioned do not constitute a CIS Office processing error and thus do not qualify for a Rescan.

Official CIS Results post to MyCIS & *CIS Results Site on Feb. 7, 2020

*Survey results are eligible for inclusion on the CIS Results Site only if:

  • Configuration of the Class Unique Number(s) is consistent with that as defined for a course by the Office of Institutional Reporting, Research, & Information System (IRRIS); this is referred to as a "Recognized" record. (Results for "Unrecognized" CIS records post to the Unrecognized CIS Results page within MyCIS.)
  • The record contains at least five responses
  • The record yields a minimum response rate of 20%
  • A Basic (B) series, Expanded (E) series, or Law (S151) form was utilized for data collection. Results for TA forms are not posted to the CIS Results Site even if the aforementioned criteria are met.