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Dates and Deadlines

Fall 2020

*Due to Covid-19, CIS will only be administered electronically (eCIS) only.*



Monday, September 14 - Friday, October 16

  • To submit an early CIS request, please ask your Department Contact to complete our Special Request form online.
  • Each department must designate at least one staff person (“CIS Contact”) to be responsible for managing CIS on behalf of the department and in accordance with associated policies, deadlines, etc. Departments should notify the CIS Office via email regarding updates to department CIS Contact designations. To obtain authorization for the CIS Administrative system, a restricted site utilized to officially request CIS for each department, a CIS Contact must complete the Course Instructor Survey Departmental Contact Training class. 



Monday, November 2 - Friday, November 13

  • Authorized department CIS Contacts are responsible for collecting all necessary information from instructors in a timely fashion in order to successfully manage CIS requests/records before the close of the Official CIS Request Period. This includes (but is not limited to) collecting information regarding: Survey form (e.g., B100) and delivery format (ONLY electronic this Summer 2020 semester) preferences; cross-listed courses; team-taught courses; and TA assignments. Please be aware that eCIS cannot be administered outside the Official CIS Administration Period, nor does the CIS Office or evaluation system provide students with “receipts” or “proof” of completing CIS.
  • Faculty/TAs/AIs should inquire within the academic department to learn who is currently designated as their CIS Contact and become familiar with department procedures, deadlines, and communication practices regarding CIS. As the Official CIS Request Period deadline is enforced, communication between instructors and CIS Contacts should be established early in the semester to avoid problems.
  • During the Official CIS Request Period, instructors may utilize MyCIS  to review current CIS requests made on their behalf by the associated department CIS Contact(s). Instructors should direct all communication regarding CIS preferences and adjustments to the associated department CIS Contact prior to the close of the Official CIS Request Period.


Wednesday, November 11

  • In an effort to ensure our faculty are receiving the most-accurate information regarding their CIS’s, our office will be instituting an official CIS “audit” period piloting in the Summer 2020 sessions.  On the first day of each audit period, the CIS Office will notify all faculty members, TA’s, and AI’s via email of the requests submitted on their behalf. 
  • Instructors are expected to review the CIS requests submitted on their behalf to ensure accuracy before the administration period begins. All communication regarding CIS preferences and adjustments should be directed to the associated department CIS Contact prior to the close of the Audit Period.
  • Instructors are encouraged to utilize MyCIS after requesting any changes.  On this portal, they can verify the official CIS requests submitted on their behalf, and even view a mockup of their student’s “view” of each form to ensure that the final version appears precisely as they expected.


Monday, November 16 - Monday, December 7

Note:  Grades sheets will be available for faculty, just as the CIS Administration Period closes for each summer session. 

Students should follow this link to take any CIS for any of their courses:  https://utdirect.utexas.edu/ctl/ecis/index.WBX

Policies pertaining to CIS administrations are found under the “Administering Surveys” section of the university’s CIS policies.



Provisional Results will be posted on MyCIS starting Monday, December 21, and faculty will have until Wednesday, January 6 to review them before they are posted online for the public.

**Exception: Unlike in previous semesters, provisional eCIS results for the School of Law will post on December 21, the same day as all other schools and academic organizations.



Official CIS Results post to all MyCIS portals and the *CIS Results Site on Thursday, January 7.  All Letters of Explanation (LOE) for Fall 2020 must be requested by this date.

*Survey results are eligible for inclusion on the CIS Results Site only if:

  • Configuration of the Class Unique Number(s) is consistent with that as defined for a course by the Office of Institutional Reporting, Research, & Information System (IRRIS).
  • The record contains at least five responses
  • The record yields a minimum response rate of 20%
  • A Basic (B) series, Expanded (E) series, or Law (S151) form was utilized for data collection. Results for TA forms are not posted to the CIS Results Site even if the aforementioned criteria are met.



University policies pertaining to CIS are found here. Further, department CIS Contacts receive pertinent information via email from the CIS Program Coordinator regarding CIS processes between the departments and CIS Office, challenges and best practices, policies, etc. As departments [via their designated authorized CIS Contact(s)] are responsible for managing their own CIS requests/records, internal distribution of results, and associated document retention, it is crucial that department CIS Contacts be familiar with university CIS polices, deadlines, and associated requirements in order to successfully manage CIS on behalf of the academic departments.

Download: Printable CIS Calendar: