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Requesting Surveys


Only individuals whose EID is registered in the CIS request system may access and change the records found there. If an individual needs system access but is not registered in the system, the department chair or current CIS department contact should request access by emailing CIS and providing the person's EID.

The request site can be accessed here

Fall and Spring Tutorials

On the site, tutorials are available in Navigation menu with step by step directions how to:

  • make requests and changes to existing requests
  • add surveys to official records
  • add unofficial records

Summer Survey Requests

The process for making summer survey requests differs from the process used for fall and spring. Requests for paper survey can be made here.

For paper surveys:

Click on “Add Summer Paper CIS Records”

Fill in the requested information:

  • Course ID (course abbreviation and number)
  • Summer session
  • Unique number
  • Instructor NAME & UT EID
  • Class day(s)
  • Class time
  • # of Forms
  • Survey Form
  • After the information has been entered, click on "Add Records"

After you have submitted one or more survey requests, you will be shown a screen displaying all the information you have submitted.

At this point, you can make two kinds of changes to the requests:

  • Cancel a survey request by choosing "no" in Survey column.
  • The Survey Form can be changed from the drop down list of options for your department

Electronic (eCIS) surveys are requested via email in the summer. Please email the following information to CIS:

  • Unique Number for the course
  • Instructor NAME & UT EID
  • Survey form