New Location
Testing & Evaluation Services has moved into one location! Testing & Evaluation Services is now located in the George I. Sanchez Building (SZB), 1912 Speedway, Room 547, Austin, Texas 78712.

How to review past and present survey results

If you find it helpful to compare instructors or courses before registering for classes, the CIS results site provides useful information.  Any UT Austin student with a valid, high assurance EID can view the core, nine-item responses for any instructor. Simply go to and search by instructor name or course ID. Please make sure your Caps Lock is OFF before typing in the search boxes.

If you have an active UT EID, but are unable to access the CIS Official Results, your EID status may not be "high assurance." The procedures to check your EID status and request an upgrade, as well as other EID services, can be found at the UT EID Self-Service Tools webpage.