Reviewing Results

Students - Overview

Within 4-6 weeks of the final CIS deadline, student ratings from all courses and questionnaires are converted into numerical scores (with “1” generally representing “Strongly Disagree,” and “5” generally representing “Strongly Agree), are averaged and compiled into reports for each course, and then published online in two places:  On our Public Results Site as well as on a Restricted Results Site

Public Results

The Public Results site only contains ratings for Questions 10 and 11 (“Overall, this instructor was…” and “Overall, this course was…”), for all instructors who were evaluated, as well as the average ratings for all courses within its department and school/college.

Restricted Results Site

The Restricted CIS Results Site is only accessible to those with an active EID (i.e., Current UT Austin students, staff, and faculty) and may be used to view ratings for all Core 121 questions.   


To preserve the anonymity of students,  ratings are only published online, both on the Restricted CIS Results Site as well as the Public Site, if they meet the following criteria:

  • The survey received at least five (5) responses,
  • At least twenty percent (20%) of the total enrolled student population responded to the survey, AND
  • The course was evaluated using a standard form designed for instructors. (i.e.:  Results for Teaching Assistants are never published online unless they served as the official instructor-of-record)


Faculty - Overview

If you would like to review the comments left by students for any of your courses, simply log in to MyCIS and click on the blue "View Results with Comments" link found on the far right column of the table presented to you for each course you taught in any term.

If you have an active UT EID, but are unable to access the CIS Official Results, your EID status may not be "high assurance." The procedures to check your EID status and request an upgrade, as well as other EID services, can be found at the UT EID Self-Service Tools webpage.

Staff members, if you need access to full reports, including all feedback data and comments, for a large number of faculty members within your department, please complete the New User Access Form available online.  If you need access to results from a course outside of your department, you may contact that department directly, or send an email to the CIS team with the unique ID's for the courses in question.