Legacy Options

Questionnaire options for instructors vary by college and department, but will usually consist of a "base form" (the B100 "Basic" form or the E100 "Expanded” form) upon which a supplementary form, or "supplement" may be added.  Department contacts may choose, on behalf of their faculty or teaching assistants, one of the forms below, or one of these forms with a department-approved supplement.  Samples for each of these forms, with their available supplemental questions are included on our Survey Forms and Questions page.

Basic Form (B100)

Commonly referred to as the “Short Form,” the B100 is the single most-common form used at UT and represents more than 70% of all of the surveys that are completed in a given term.  It contains only the Core 12 Questions, two demographic questions, and a simple essay box for students to provide a short plain-text comment.  See all B100 Questions and Supplements

Expanded Form (E100)

Commonly referred to as the “Long Form,” the E100 is the second most common form used at UT, is commonly used by tenure-track faculty, and represents roughly 20% of all of the surveys that are completed in a given term.  It contains all of the questions included on the B100 form along with an additional 7 questions.  See all E100 Questions and Supplements



Teaching Assistant Form (S050)

The Teaching Assistant form does not contain the Core 12 Questions, does not meet the minimum requirements for course evaluation in the State of Texas, and should only be used to evaluate TA’s.  See all S050 Questions and Supplements

Law School Form (S151)

Faculty members currently teaching a course whose home department is the UT Law School must use the S151 form.  It is identical to the B100 form in every way except it does not contain Questions 13 and 14 (“My overall GPA at UT is…” and “My expected grade in this course is…”), as the UT Law School does not utilize the same grading system as the rest of the university.

Dell Medical School

Because the Dell Medical School’s assessment and accreditation requires data collection which exceeds the limitations of our homegrown CIS system, they are currently utilizing a third-party vendor solution for their course evaluation needs, and are the only school, college, or department at the University of Texas that does not participate in the standard CIS survey request and administration processes.   

However, any MED courses cross-listed with courses taught in the McCombs Business School, Cockrell School of Engineering, School of Nursing, or Steve Hicks School of Social Work must be evaluated in accordance with the standard practices and policies established within their respective schools or associated departments.  For questions regarding this, please contact the Dell Medical School’s Scheduling and Records Coordinator within the Office of Faculty Affairs

Special Programs

Any course which does not follow the traditional process for course scheduling (i.e., not reflected within FaSET or an equivalent system within the Academic Information Systems (AIS) office), is not governed by Registrar policy, or is simply not managed by any of the 12 colleges or schools, cannot be evaluated using the standard CIS system. These courses include, but are not limited to:  

  •     Some International education courses (Study abroad programs)

  •     Some specialized inter-collegiate program courses

  •     Most professional education or certification prep-courses

If you find yourself in need of assistance developing a supplemental survey via Qualtrics, please contact the CIS Office for support.  We have helped several instructors both in writing questions and administering the surveys on their behalf.