Viewing Course Evaluation Results

Within 6-8 weeks of the deadline to complete your evaluations, also known as the Survey Fill-Out Period, student ratings are made available to the campus community on our Expanded Results Sites which can be accessed by anyone with an active EID (i.e. Current students, staff, and faculty).

Expanded Results Access

  • Evaluations After Summer 2022 
    In the fall semester of 2022, the University transitioned to a new course evaluation system. Results from the new system, which include all course evaluations conducted from Fall '22 onward, may be accessed using the links below.
  • Evaluations Before Fall 2022 
    Results from the Legacy system, called "CIS," may still be accessed using the link above. Please note, in addition to the adoption of a new course evaluation system in Fall '22, the University also adopted a new questionnaire.

Public Results

Course evaluation results for Q5 and Q11 ("Overall this course was..." and Overall this instructor was..." respectively) for all instructors and courses, along with average ratings within each's department and school/college, are made available to the public on these two sites:


To preserve the anonymity of students, ratings are only published online, both on the Restricted Results Site as well as the Public Site, if they meet the following criteria:

  • The survey received at least five (5) responses,
  • At least twenty percent (20%) of the total enrolled student population responded to the survey, AND
  • The course was evaluated using a standard form designed for instructors. (i.e.: Results for Teaching Assistants are never published online unless they served as the official instructor-of-record)